Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You know you have a great marketing idea when ...

You know you have a great marketing idea when...
#1. You love talking about the idea with anyone, anywhere.
#2. You have no fear someone will steal your idea.
#3. You feel giddy knowing others view you as a smart marketer.
#4. You know the more you work on the idea, the better it gets.
#5. You poke at potential flaws in the idea, knowing it’s an opportunity to make the idea stronger.
#6. You have researched the idea and know no one has done it like you plan to do it.
#7. You know the idea is tactically doable and strategically reliable.

Many thanks to Brand Autopsy for this thought.

When I meet clients who show these signs, I know it will be fun like my newest client, GankIt.

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