Saturday, October 9, 2010

Law Firm Marketing: 5 Advantages of Using Video on Your Website

The use of video is becoming important to staying competitive on the web. As more law firms develop an online presence, it’s imperative to differentiate your firm by including video on your website.

While nothing guarantees an increase in business, the use of video is a smart and relatively inexpensive way to market your law firm. Here are five advantages of using video on your website.

1. Introduce yourself to potential clients.
The process of meeting with an attorney for the first time can be unnerving for some clients. Introducing yourself through an online video can remove this anxiety. Potential clients will be looking to get an idea of who you are and what you can do for them. A brief video that introduces you and describes your law firm can accomplish that. Another advantage of introductory videos is the amount of time they save you. Instead of physically meeting with every potential client, the video can act as a filter to bring in primarily clients who have already decided that they might hire you.

2. Convey emotion and personality.
You can show only so much emotion with text and images on a website. Video, on the other hand, gives you an opportunity to show viewers the way you look, sound and act. It is a wonderful way to project emotions such as empathy and compassion to potential clients. A visitor who is sold on what you say in a video is more likely to choose your firm over a competitor. Videos also are incredibly helpful for firms that practice personal injury or criminal law. Someone who has been injured or arrested may want to hire a lawyer with a bold, assertive personality, and simply put, video is the best way to convey your personality to viewers online.

3. Improve search engine rankings.
In the near future, video will be an integral part of search engine result pages. Google already has begun to factor in the presence of video on a page when determining where the page ranks on Google search results. Posting videos on your site sooner rather than later will put you a step ahead of other firms competing for top slots on search engine result pages. After posting a video to your website and optimizing it for search engines, potential clients will more easily locate your site and its video content. Seeing a video on a search results page instantly gives the searcher a good reason to visit your website rather than a competing site. Make sure your search engine optimization service understands how to take advantage of your video content in getting your site the best possible search engine results.

4. Improve overall website experience.
If done correctly, putting video on your website will improve the browsing experience of your visitors. For maximum effectiveness, it should be integrated seamlessly into your site. An introductory or biographical video typically is placed on the homepage. Similarly, a page dedicated to your firm’s bankruptcy practice might include a video explaining basic aspects of bankruptcy law. The more that potential clients use your site to learn about the law and how it affects them, the more likely they are to give your firm a call.

5. Impress potential clients
Let’s face it, a law firm website with embedded video looks impressive. At present, few law firms use video, so those that do give a clear sign that they’re a step ahead of everyone else. Quality video on your site indicates to potential clients that you are a quality law firm. Of course, not just any video will make your website and law firm look impressive. The most effective videos utilize well-prepared content, shot on high-definition video in a properly lit studio. Top-quality post-production work, including editing, graphics and sound effects, is also crucial to achieving results that will impress visitors to your site.


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